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Gal Friday Tips

Hello, October 12, 2022

Well, here we are in the fall already. Where does the time go? We get busy with things and time flies by.

One thing that I have to remind myself to do is take a look at my website to see if it needs a refresh. If I get busy enough I might not realize how much time has passed and things may need updating or even just checking for broken links etc.

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Does Your Website Need A Refresh?

How fresh is your website?

Although the text and images on my site mostly stay the same, I take the opportunity to review every single page – including all my past blog posts.

It is a good reminder too of things that can go wrong and/or need updating on a website over time.

Here are some things to watch for on your own site: 1. Check Your Links. I was shocked when I found broken links, only a few months after setting up my website, even though they were tested and working right after being published. By the way, make sure that when a link takes somebody off your site (e.g., to a book you mention), that it “opens a new tab” in the browser. That way your website visitor can easily click back to your site and keep looking around. Making this happen is just a simple setting when creating the link. 2. Read Every Page. Yes, read every single page on your site. Does it represent you? Is your message clear? Could someone reading your site understand why they would want to work with you? Is your phone number on your contact page? When I check my website I read every blog post too. You might find font discrepancies, spacing issues, links that were different colors than your website palate. It took some time, but it was worth it to be confident that every page looked consistent. 3. Get Great Graphics. Take a close look (with your reading glasses on if necessary) at the graphics on your website. Is your logo pixelated (fuzzy)? Do you have images with a white background instead of transparent on pages that have a colored background? How old is your headshot? Are you using bland stock photography? Time to upgrade if any of this is you. 4. Check Your Phone. More than half of the visitors to your site will do so on a phone – make sure your site looks good and is easily readable. 5. Review Your Dashboard. Take a peek at the back end of your website (or get a qualified professional to do it with you). Are there plugins that you aren’t using that might be slowing things down? Is your website running on the latest version of WordPress (or whatever you run your website on)? Keep your website running smoothly by paying attention to these important details. Remember that for many people, your website is the first place where they will form an impression of you and your business. Take steps now to make sure the impression is a good one!

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