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Gal Friday Tips

August 9, 2022


I just wanted to write about a recent personal experience with a business in my local area, and how it has affected my perception of their place of business. I am talking about customer service, and the importance of how you treat customers, or clients, whatever your business.

As a business owner, I am striving to please clients and help with their business in whatever capacity my client needs me to.

I hope you enjoy the read,

Sheila MacKay

Front Line Gal Friday

Customer/Client Service Is Important

When you serve a customer or work for a client, do you feel that you should be giving them your very best service? I do!

I recently had an experience that I found to be very disappointing as a customer. I had ordered a very large product back in January of this year, which was supposed to arrive in mid-March. In March I received a call letting me know there was a significant delay on this product and would not be available until June. During that call, the manager of the business offered me the choice of a replacement for the product, a refund, or I could wait it out. I wanted this product specifically, so I chose to wait for it. He thanked me for my business and said that he would offer free delivery when it arrived due to the inconvenience to me.

There were two more delays for this product and I actually did not receive it until last week. When I did get the call that it was in, I told the person I was talking to on the phone about the free delivery I was promised for my waiting on the product. I was informed that the manager who gave me that promise was no longer there and they could not give that to me. They would give me delivery at half the regular price instead.

I felt that they were not interested in giving me something in return for my inconvenience. I decided then and there that this manager was not really thinking about customer service, or giving back to a customer who was loyal and waited on the product from them. After all, I could have gone elsewhere to get it but decided to wait for this one.

After that experience, I can say that I am not going to return to that store, as she was not wanting to please or help out customers, but rather make a dollar. There was no appreciation for me not taking my business elsewhere, as had been with the previous manager.

As a virtual assistant personally, or as a business owner in general, I want to be helping clients/customers. I want to leave them with a good experience and desire to bring their business back to me. To do that, I strive to do the work to the very best of my ability, checking in with my client as needed, and working towards making their business run better. That is what I consider good customer service!

Do you want to receive great client/customer service? Book your discovery call here on my service page to see if we might be a good fit!

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