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Gal Friday Tips

Hi there, September 20, 2022

I just wanted to write a quick note about feeling overwhelmed. It usually comes about when you have too much to do or you are on a tight schedule. I have also been feeling overwhelmed in recent days.

Here are some tips that help me when I feel this way.

Take care,

Sheila MacKay

Front Line Gal Friday

"I'm so overwhelmed and overworked, I can't keep up."

Does this sound familiar? I bet you're thinking "I can't stay consistent because...

  1. There's too much to do!

  2. I don't know what to focus on!

  3. I don't have time to figure it all out!

If these thoughts float around in your mind, I want you to know you are not alone. Even I sometimes struggle with time management and staying consistent.

Keep in mind, we all feel the burden of TOO MUCH STUFF to do and not enough time. Don't let a growing to-do list make you feel defeated.

Here's how I ditch overwhelm and stay on track:

  1. Break it into small steps. When you feel discouraged and defeated, it's likely that you are looking too far ahead. Focus on today, and today only.

  2. Always have a routine. When you do similar tasks at the same time every day you'll develop a habit and a routine and the structure you need to get loads done.

  3. Focus on one task a day. Commit to getting one thing done and forget about everything else on your list. If you get to more, it's a bonus, not a requirement!

Please try using these tips. Remember you don't have to get everything done in a day. There are seven days to get things done. And whatever you don't get to can be rescheduled for next week.

Pause, breathe, ponder, choose, do.

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